Meet Amber Dawn

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Amber Dawn Radiant Skincare is a holistic skincare studio located in Cameron Park, CA. Specializing in plant-based skincare treatments, sugar waxing, and facial reflexology, my treatments focus on helping you with chronic skin conditions by assessing your skin’s unique needs, and looking at your body as a whole to support healing.

After struggling with numerous different skin conditions myself growing up, I recognized there was a need for a gentle and caring approach to skincare.

Throughout school to become an Esthetician, I actively tried to search out companies that focused on natural skincare, products that I knew would really help people be in harmony with their skin. You can trust that each treatment is provided with care and attention, utilizing high-quality products that maintain the health and integrity of your skin.

I’m focused on sharing the message that our skin isn't something to battle against as new conditions arise, and aim to help people learn how to support their own skincare journey in a caring way. My main priority is to help others feel confident and radiant in their own skin!