Facial Reflexology

Dien Chan Zone is a facial reflexology technique that has been adapted from its roots in Vietnam and westernized in Italy. Different symptoms in the body are treated by stimulating zones and points on the face that correspond to related systems. Stimulation of these areas help repair and prevent imbalances of many kinds- ranging from inflammatory skin conditions, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, and much more. Similar to acupressure in its methodology, this facial reflexology technique is a wonderful support for those who are struggling with chronic health conditions. 

Before your treatment, we will discuss your symptoms and imbalances, and determine what is the most important concern to target during your treatment. After treatment, you will receive a customized face map and instruction for use in self massage at home to continue the benefits of the reflexology between visits for 21 days.

Treatment Options:

30 Minute Reflexology Session + Consultation | $50

45 Minute Reflexology Session + Consultation | $60

60 Minute Reflexology Session + Consultation | $70