Our story

Amber Dawn Radiant Skincare is a small holistic skin care studio located in Cameron Park, CA.

When this business was started, it was meant to reflect a new beginning for others, for it to be a nurturing space to support people on their skin care journey. This studio is intended for people to be able to come in and experience learning to be comfortable in their own skin, and to help them feel confident and reflect their radiance.

Healing isn’t a linear journey, there’s ups and downs, but our highest aim is to help you along this path in the most supportive way possible.

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Our Skincare Lines

Botnia Skincare

Lovingly hand-crafted in Sausalito, CA. Botnia works to bring the power of plants into each bottle, growing many of the botanicals they use on their own micro-farm. Botnia’s philosophy is that everyone’s skin is uniquely different, and they provide complete customization of products and facial treatments every step of the way through powdered plants, floral waters and plant boosters.